Rethinking the 1970s

The Impact of Printmaking and Photography

Takamatsu Jiro / Kinoshita Kazuyo / Hikosaka Naoyoshi / Kimura Hideki / Tatsuno Toeko / Kimura Hiroshi / Ishihara Tomoaki

Jun.25th Tue. – Jul. 20th Sat, 2024
12:00~18:00 (Monday closed)


What exactly was the 70s like for Japanese art?

In the 1960s, minimal art began in earnest in the United States, and the trend of pushing abstraction to its limits had an impact on the Japanese art world. In the 1970s, when the Mono-ha of Japanese art is said to have emerged, unprocessed materials emerged as the mainstay, ushering in the era of “art without making. Then, in the 1980s, there was a shift to post-Mono-ha and new painting. However, in the intervening years, printmaking and photography may have sprouted the seeds that would lead to the next phase of art. This exhibition focuses on printmaking and photography.

This project was initiated by Shinobu Sakagami’s “Reconsidering the 1970s”, which asks whether print art, which entered its golden age in the late 1960s, was in fact, a “vanishing medium”…. This is a book that carefully reads and examines this question in line with the trends of the times. The exhibition will focus on printmaking expression through photography and photoengraving, including works featured in “Rethinking the 1970s,” and will examine the role they played and the ripples they created for the next generation. In addition, there will be two consecutive nights of talks on the themes of “The  1970s” and “Photography in Contemporary Art”.

 The publication, the exhibition, and the talks will attempting reopen the obscured history of Japanese art in the 1970s.


Talk Night (Capacity: 30 people・Japanese only) ■

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Facilitator: Sakagami Shinobu (Art Historian)

▶︎Night 1:

Jun.28th Fri. 18:00–20:00 “The  1970s”

Speakers: Nakajima Ippei(Painter), Kimura Hideki(Painter/Printmaker), Nagano Goro(Artists, Dyeing Researcher)

▶︎Night 2:

Jun.29th Sat. 18:00–20:00 “Photography in Contemporary Art”

Speakers: Kimura Hideki(Painter/Printmaker), Kimura Hiroshi(Artist/Information Design), Ishihara Tomoaki(Artist)



Rethinking the 1970s Author: Sakagami Shinobu