Masako Yasuki Exhibition

Procession of Light – exposed time, invisible forms

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May. 2nd tue– May. 13th Sat, 2023

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Masako Yasuki’s remarkable works are based on a unique method of hands-on research of real places. In this exhibition, ‘Procession of Light – exposed time, invisible forms’, the tangible and intangible emerge shimmering before our eyes. Paintings, photographs and video combine to reveal the story of one particular city by tracing the layers of time and place embedded in the cityscape, and by drawing on the memories of its people, both individual and collective. 

 The story told here began with a charcoal rubbing and photograph of a piece of ground. The frottage was later overlaid by the artist with a variety of images of the city and its people drawn from her own direct experience, historic photographs, and mid-20th century newspaper archives. In one painting in particular, these combine to create what is a truly magnificent work of art.

 Additional depth is given to the multi-layered journey the exhibition takes us on by the inclusion of micro-lens photography, projection mapping and video about the painting process. This video-art component is supervised by Shinjiro Maeda.


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