SODEOKA Chika Exhibitio

Glitter of the Earth, Breath of the Universe

Jun. 11th Tue– Jun. 22nd Sat, 2024
12:00~18:00 (Monday closed)



Glitter of the Earth, Breath of the Universe

I walk every day. l walk around the neighbors with my dog and g row

vegetables in the field.

Day to day, I keep watching each, asking, “Good enough?” ” Need any

water or any help?” .

Meanwhile, I feel like the nature and environment surrounding m e are

changing into an extension of my limbs. This kind of sense even contains

love beyond description. Then, I find the rhythm of the four sea sons in me

and feel that the world I thought was outside also exists insid e me.

Now, I believe the way I am at every moment will also be reflect ed on the

surface before me as long as the world I find in myself can be r e-projected

onto the surface that I see and finally becomes my artwork.

With this thought, I put myself before the surface, move my han ds, pile up

clues I discover with my brush, and draw out the world that app ears in my


Looking at the newly drawn landscape, I can feel I am sure wher e I am.

Moreover, it gives me a better perspective of my surroundings a nd even a

stride or pace suited for me to step ahead.

It is my greatest happiness to be close to the world I have fou nd and keep

walking along the extension of that world.