THE GREAT WALL 1963-1970

The artist`s representation at the gallery opening

Jun. 13th tue– July. 2nd Sun, 2023
12:00~18:00 Monday closed



At the end of September 1962, when galerie 16 opened, and witnessed the harsh conditions of contemporary art. Our familiar contemporary artists sighted this difficult situation for their expression, as there are few national museums in the Kansai area and no exhibition space for contemporary artists. galerie 16 opened in response to the will of such enthusiastic artists, and in the 1960s, as the world entered a period of rapid economic growth and at the same time diversification of expression happened in the art world, several artists appeared in the art scene and galleries who pushed the very concept of art.

The following year, “Gallery Ano” opened in Osaka, followed by “Gallery Beni” in Kyoto the year after, and the year after that, in 1965, “Shinanobashi Gallery” opened . It is no exaggeration to say that these four galleries took on a role in the art scene for a while.

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto opened in April 1963 with the exhibition “Trends of Contemporary Japanese Paintings Exhibition” and then from 1964 to 70, expanding the expression apart from the painting, it was renamed “Trends of Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition.”

At the time, it was an epoch-making period for a museum to hold an exhibition of trends in the work of emerging artists, had recalled that the artists who were invited to participate in Trends of Contemporary Japanese Art exhibition in previous years were excited and enthusiastic and made the most of the opportunity. 

This special exhibition, titled” THE GREAT WALL 1963-1970-The Artist`s Representation at the gallery opening” . In this exhibition, galerie 16, which experienced the circumstances, mentioned above, is pleased to present twelve artists’ works, presented by our gallery at the time and led them to the Trends of Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition. As well as, we exhibit the artworks and documentary photographs by four artists who did not apply to such an exhibition, but whose works are not to be missed at our gallery: Keiji Uematsu, James Lee Byars, Go Hayashi, and Shigeji Mishima.