– Cycle of water –

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OKUDA Hiromu message

The circle of a fruitful life is the circle of water, the seed of life.

Water flows to dissolve everything and create new life.

With the development of the “JIKU” series, which uses weathered granite from Shigaraki and is fired with wood to draw out the energy of the earth, I hope that the pulse of life in the invisible water will echo through the gallery space.


Hiromu Okuda   short history

1949  Bone in Shigaraki ,Shiga prefecture.

Hiromu Okuda has a family history of about 400 years as a potter called  Sanuemon ,kilen name was Yamasan.Yamasan has been maked special tea pot  for Tokugawa shogun in Edo.

1968   Emplyed by OUMI Chemistry Company. Assisted Taro Okamoto making The Tower of the sun, the symbol of Expo 70, Osaka . Tarou’s ceramic works made everything .

1972   Independent ,22 years old.

1987   Solo Exhibition , ‘ ONKU ‘ Saga-Cyo Exhibit Space.Koutouku,Tokyo.

1988   ‘SHIGA AUUNAL ’88, CLAY WORK THE REPRO– ACTION of FORM’ , The Museum of Modern Art ,Shiga

1989   Asian Ccltural Council fellowship ,stayed and worked 6 month Archi Bray Foundation in Helena Montana.(USA) After around in USA.

1990 Solo Exhibition, ‘ONKU ‘Califonia State University Main Art Gallery ,Fullerton,USA.

1999   Exhibition ‘JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY CERAMIC ART’ Museum Van Bommel Van Dam Venlo in Samenwcrking Met, Holland.

2000   ‘ Int’l Ceramic Studio Symposium Exhibition ‘ , Kesckemeti,Hungary.

2001  Exhibition ‘INTERNATIONAL LARGE  SCALE CERAMIC SCULPTURE’       ,Taipei County Yingko Ceramic Museum Opening Exhibition , workshop.New    Taipei City,Taiwan.

2008  Exhibition ‘ THE LIFE CYCLE and REBIRTH –VARIOUS LIVES ‘.Gree House (with Mieko Okuda,345 citizens works ) Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild ,Pittsuburgu,USA.

      Demonstration at ‘42nd Annual Conference Nationl Council on Education for Ceramic Arts ,NCECA’, Pittsuburgh,USA.

2016 Workshop,Recture, International Craft Resarch And Development Institution.Taipei,Taiwan.

2019  Exhibition ‘ Mino Internationl Ceramic Exhibition ‘, Mino,Gifu.

2022  Exhibition ‘ WATER CIRCULATES’ with photographer, Syouzou Nakajima, Mi temple Kannon-dou, Ootu,Shiga.