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▶︎TAKAGI Akira        Born in 1957

1980    Japan Emba Competition (Emba Art Museum)

1980    Jiro Yoshihara Award Exhibition (Osaka Prefectural Contemporary Art Center)

1983-91 CONTACT ’83 (Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts and Culture) *Participates every year

1985-87 Two-person exhibition (Shinanobashi Gallery) *Held annually

1999    Art Document ’99 —From Asian Forests— (Kanazu Forest of Creation, Fukui)

1980    Kanayama Heizo Prize Commemorative Art Exhibition (The Museum of Modern Art, Hyogo)

2002    New Art Selection Exhibition 2002 (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art)

2003    CAP EXHIBITION “party” (CAP HOUSE)

2009    Kakuetsushin Hyakka Ryoran Exhibition (Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art Gallery) *Participates every year

2011-22 Shiga Sosen Art Exhibition (Museum of Modern Art, Shiga Gallery, etc.) *Participates every year

2012-13 Amagasaki Art Festival (Amagasaki General Cultural Center) *Participates every year

2013    Age of Falling Light 25 Spirits (MU Higashi-Shinsaibashi Gallery)

2018-22 Ge Exhibition (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, etc.) *Participated every year, but canceled in 2020

1979-2021 Solo exhibition 32 times (galerie16, Kyoto, Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, etc.)