MORIMOTO Kayano Exhibition CROSS

Oct. 18th Tue – Oct. 29th Sat, 2022
12:00~18:00 Monday closed



Since the second summer of the COVID-19 Crisis last year, followed by the winter when the war started this year and since then, I have been surprised to find what had seemed to shine before appears to be gradually losing its luster. Familiar landscapes have become more and more faded and grey. This mental phenomenon reminded me of the world end described in the Old and New Testaments over thousands of years. It accounts for the moon ceasing to shine and the sun becoming dark. When light ceases to shine, color is lost. But at the same time, the apocalypse tells us that the world will restore from this will be beautiful and full of color. The apocalypse has not yet come true. That is what I am waiting for finally.Is this ridiculous? I created this work in order to face this crucial question for me.





1961 Born in Tokyo. 

1985 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Painting.

2016 Completed Graduate School of Kyoto Saga University of the Arts.

Exhibition history 

2014. 9 Group Exhibition, Gallery Mutsu Chiba City 

2015. 5 Kyoto International Contemporary Art Festival (PARASOPHIA) related exhibition “CROSS ROAD of the future and memory”, Horikawa shopping street, Kyoto city 

2015. 10 “Now of Japanese and Korean contemporary art”, Cheongju, Korea, Shema Museum

2016. 2 Kyoto Saga University of the Arts Graduate School Completion Production Exhibition, Kyoto City Museum of Art 

2016, 7 solo exhibition INSIDE / OUTSIDE, galerie16 

2016, 11 Kizugawa Art 2016 , Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture 

2016. 12  Tokushima LED Art Festival Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture 

2018. 02  Solo exhibition Sanctuary, galerie16 

2018. 11  Kizugawa Art 2018, Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture 

2019. 12  solo exhibition ‘Resurrection’, galerie16

2020. 12  solo exhibition ‘CROSSES’, galerie16