Hikaru Tachibana Exhibition


Sep. 6th Tue – Sep. 11th Sun, 2022
12:00~18:00 (last day~17:00)


The air began to tremble. Everything told us something was about to happen. “An earthquake?” I asked.
“No,” the girl shuddered. “It’s much worse than that.”

—『Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World』Haruki Murakami

Tachibana Hikaru practices “Somewhere not here” in today’s age of social media through thinking of subcultural attitude, unattended delivery-style communication after coronavirus pandemic and how to hide “space” by imaging technique. His works include miniature model, video work, installation, poem.

Tachibana Hikaru

1997 Born in Osaka, Japan
2019 Left Kyoto Institute of Technology before graduate
2019 Entered Kyoto City University of Art
Now in Concept and Media Planning course at Kyoto City University of Art

Solo Exhibition
2022 ”Shame” Mansion Midori/Osaka