KOHEI Takagishi Exhibition

“The evaporating touch”

KOHEI Takagishi

July 26th Tue – July 31st Sun, 2022
12:00~18:00 (last day~17:00)


online shop 7/26~7/31

I have naturally chosen objects with mass as a medium to convey the sensation of touch, either tactilely or visually. The development of computers has not only made information itself informational, but also objects. Can works of art that rely on materials, such as crafts, be informatized? For example, can we say that a craft that has lost its mass is a craft? Where is the core of art in media devices?
In this exhibition, I present material works that contemplate escape from matter.
For this solo exhibition, I will show works created while I was a university student as well as new works.

1998 Born in Osaka.
2022 B.F.A. in Urushi Lacquering, Kyoto City University of Arts Exhibition
Group exhibition『SPROUT』 galerie16/Kyoto (2017-2019)