TANAKA Natsuko

Lukisan Yang Dikarantina

June 21st Tue. 〜 July 2nd Sun. 2022 
12:00〜18:00 Monday closed



I boarded the plane as if I were being chased out of the country at the beginning of the spread of COVID-19 in 2020. On the day I arrived in Jakarta, strict social restrictions began, and my life in Indonesia began with a surprisingly smooth ride home through the normally congested roads from the airport. Shopping malls, restaurants, and companies were closed, and all I could do was take a walk in the deserted city. The city of Jakarta has since tightened and loosened regulations in response to social conditions, and I had the impression that the year 2020 had passed in a state of confusion. I myself was taken aback by the various changes, and finished the year without being able to create many works of art. In the meantime, I had been exploring the entry restrictions of various countries, closing and opening the entrances, while watching the situation of infection.

When I temporarily returned to Japan in 2021, I started thinking (attempting) that it was time to create a work of art. It was hard to do so because I had to quarantine myself for two weeks after returning to Japan. I thought, ” What if I use that time to hold an exhibition that can only be done in that format? This is what we started with the series ” Quarantined Paintings – Lukisan Yang Dikarantina”. During the quarantine period, I painted pictures while remembering the most memorable plants in Indonesia that were different from those in Japan, exhibited them at the quarantine site, and made the process and the exhibition public online. The first project was created during a self-imposed quarantine at my home in Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City, my home town. After the quarantine period, I exhibited the paintings in my garden and in a newly renovated old house, and held a live broadcast and talk session with the curator, Mr. Hatori, bilingual (Japanese-Indonesian). The second project was created in a quarantine hotel during the forced quarantine at Narita Airport, and exhibited on the day of release, with a live webcast. The third project was created in a segregation hotel in Jakarta during the forced segregation, and was broadcast live across Japan and Indonesia with Mr. Masaki of Gallery PARC in Kyoto and Ms. Shifa as an Indonesian interpreter.

The online activity, ” Quarantined Paintings – Lukisan Yang Dikarantina” a real exhibition at Operation Table (Kitakyushu) from April 22, 2022, and at galerie 16 with new works created during the period of segregation.

Natsuko TANAKA

1981 Born in Kitakyusyu-City,FUKUOKA,Japan

2005 Received B.A.Fine Art at Kyoto City Univercity of Arts
2007 Received M.A.Fine Art at Kyoto City University of Arts
2020 moved to Jakarta,Republic Indonesia

・Solo Exhibition
2002 “World”/Okadaya Honten Galley,Mie
2004 “The golden time in Cambodia”/Gallery Antenna,Kyoto
2005 “People by Water-side”/Gallery Antenna,Kyoto
2006 “The Lonely Isles”/FUKUGAN Gallery,Osaka
2006 solo exhibition/Gallery Den 58,Osaka
2007 “my room ‘2007” Annual Exhibition of Kyoto City Univercity of Arts
2009 ”My Bathroom”/MEM,Osaka
2011 “decoration”/ART SPACE NIJI,Kyoto
2012 “yutakana-e”/ART SPACE NIJI,Kyoto
2013 “Fantasy for Adults”/ART SPACE NIJI,Kyoto
2014 “Watashi tsubo Sekai”/ART SPACE NIJI,Kyoto
2016 “Tsunagu Musubu Tsudxuku E” /ART SPACE NIJI,Kyoto
2017 “Today’s Pot PREMIUM”/Gallery PARC,Kyoto
2018 “OPEN WORKING”Being series”/Kyoto City OKAZAKI Civic Aktivity Center,Kyoto
2019 “Being series”/Gallery HAKU kuro,Osaka
2019 “into Being”/d3 Gallery,Kitakyusyu
2020 “ANDROGYNOS”/Gallery PARC,Kyoto

・Group Exhibition
2003 “The Contemporary Independent Exhibition in CASO”,Osaka
2004 “The exhibition of Person”/Grand Gallery in Kyoto City University of Arts
2004 “The Festival of Camera Japan in Yagi-Cho”/news paper delivery office(used to be),Kyoto
2005 Exhibition with Megumi YAMAMOTO “people and flowers”/Borderless Art Gallery NO-MA,Shiga
2005 The Drawing Exhibition”ANOTHER STORY”/Gallery Antenna
2006 GENSE ART EXHIBITION/The Oldest Zen Temple Kenninji,Kyoto
2007 “SAKUHIN-CHU”/galerie 16,Kyoto
2007 “in my room”/FUKUGAN GALLERY,Osaka
2007 “ART AWARD TOKYO 2007”/Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery,Tokyo
2007 ”The Exhibition in Room 58”/Gallery Den 58,Osaka
2008 “Love of Painting”/CASO,MEM,OSAKA
2010 “KYOTO open studio”
2013 “2011after2012future2013”/gallery morning,Kyoto
2013 “WELCOME PERCEPTION”/galerie16,Kyoto
2016 Exhibition with Akira TAKAGI “SPECTRA” /GALLERY KEI-FU,Kyoto
2018 Exhibition with Noriko ISHIGURO “The Dialogue in the pot-Between Ceramics and Paintings-“/GALLERY KEI-FU,Kyoto
2018 “M Exhibition 1st”/d3 Gallery,Kitakyusyu
2019 Exhibition with Nana KUROMIYA ”Portraitmode”/2kw GALLERY,Shiga
2020 “The Vision of Contemporary Art 2020”/The Ueno Royal Museum,Tokyo
2020 Dessin Exhibition with Sakiko KURITA “SUGAKU”/ FUKUGAN GALLERY,Osaka

・Public Collection
Oita Prefectural Art Museum
Japanese Red Cross Kyoto Daini Hospital

2015 “Today’s Pot” Manex Corporation ART IN THE OFFICE 2015 Special Recognition