- Clouds like mountains / Lots of clouds -

May 24th Tue. 〜 June 4th Sat. 2022 
12:00〜18:00 Monday Closed



“Clouds like mountains/Lots of clouds”
There is a riverside embankment that I sometimes pass through.
My line of sight gets a little higher, and the streetscape spreads below me.
There are mountains and a Ferris wheel in the distance. It’s the scenery I’m used to seeing.
But I can’t stare at the scenery. Because I’m driving when I pass there.
One evening, I felt that some mountains were increasing in my sight.
Mountains never actually increase. But there were mountains in a different direction than usual.
When I glanced at them, I found them to be clouds, not mountains.
The dark clouds spread like mountains near the horizon.
An optical illusion. My misunderstanding. Still I felt like I got something good.
Similarly, as I dimly stare at the sky covered with lots of clouds, I see them as something else.
I would like to find familiar encounters that are often overlooked and enjoy them.



1973 Born in Osaka
1997 B.F.A. in Printmaking, Kyoto City University of Arts
Major solo exhibitions
1999 gap in the light, galerie 16, Kyoto
2000 chu ku chu, galerie 16, Kyoto
2006 clear muddiness, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu
2007 rainbow at moment, galerie 16, Kyoto
   the last door, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu
2008 the sky‐blue in the window, iTohen, Osaka
2009 looking at the wave sound in puddle, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu
2011 kumoribinokage, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu
2012 Shadow in Orange Color, Port Gallery T, Osaka
   I am blinded by the crevice between shadow., galerie 16, Kyoto
   blue moment, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu
2013 raindrops as lenses, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu
   faint tone, GALERIE ASHIYA SCHULE, Hyogo
2015 the clear colors between something, galerie 16, Kyoto
2017 play and fantasy, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu
2018 Empty Scratch, GALERIE ASHIYA SCHULE, Hyogo
2021 line up and continue, ETHICA, Gifu
Major group exhibitions
2004 Selected Artists in Kyoto, The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
2005 MUSEUM LABORATORY 2005, Gallery CASO, Osaka
2006 ArtCourt Frontior ♯4, ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka
2007 small-ness, Muromachi Art Court, Kyoto
2009 Art MABUSABI, galerie 16, Kyoto
2010 Forest of ART in AICHI, Horikawa Project, Aichi
   KAN-HIKARI EXPO 2010, ENTSUJI Temple, Kyoto
2011 TransmitProgram#2 -Displacement-, Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery @KCUA, Kyoto
2012 utsusemi, JOKAISO, Aichi
2013 windows and the stories Vol.02, waitingroom, Tokyo
2014 The Golden Record, GALERIE ASHIYA SCHULE, Hyogo
2015 ”Miyuki Takenaka: Shuko Terada two persons exhibition concept making by Motoaki Shinohara”, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu
2016 ”Aichi Triennale 2016″ Homo Faber: A Rainbow Caravan, Meidi-ya Sakae Building, Aichi
2019 transparent café, HOHOHOZM, Kyoto
2020 akino-yonaga; enjoy the night gallery, GALLERY CAPTION, Gifu