Shinichi sugimoto solo Exhibition

“Overlapping color of lines ―City of Gravity Series―”

February 22nd Tue. 〜 March 5th Sat. 2022 
12:00〜18:00 Monday Closed



We advance towards the front while losing sight of the form that we’d like to be.
I wonder if the gravity that should go to the center loses its direction.
But it is completely similar to the physical action.

Why are I drawing a picture?
I’m just thinking
Let’s settle for the most inconvenient system in art.

Painting is a prison of art. It’s a prison cell.
A closed annulus with a desire to connect with the world
Accept the impossibility in it.

When the painter is armed with theory or becomes logical
I often feel that there is a delusion of a prisoner (madman).
It is. It’s because of the comfort of being content with the rules.
I want to crumple this soliloquy
I am driven by the desire.
What always appears is the noisy scenery
I will forget the color of the scenery

Trying to knit colors with lines

Sugimoto  Shinichi


●Solo exhibition
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:Former Amagasaki Police Station Prison Stage {’15 }
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