Ki ga Furete vol. 2 – Mad for Trees

Hidaka Rieko
Yasuki Masako
Yasushi Yamabe

January 15th Sat. 〜 February 3rd Thu. 2021 
12:00〜18:00 Monday Closed


Ki ga Furete vol. 2 – Mad for Trees

It was 1992 when galerie16 held the first ‘Ki-ga-Furete’ exhibition. Back then the three participating artists were Miho AKIOKA, Takashi INAGAKI and Rieko HIDAKA. The idea was suggested by Mr. N., a regular visitor to the gallery from the public museum, and it was he who came up with the title. The ‘ki’ of ‘Ki-ga-Furete’ means ‘trees’, which were the subject of all the works in the original exhibition. But ‘ki’ in Japanese can also refer to the mind and its energy, and indicate a state of madness. I liked Mr. N’s distinctive sardonic nuance.

Thirty years on we have decided to hold ‘Ki-ga-Furete #2 – Mad for Trees’ with three artists: Masako YASUKI・Yasushi YAMABE・Rieko HIDAKA. I can imagine Mr N’s reaction to the exhibition as he looks upon us from the sky.

‘Mad as ever in that gallery, I see.’

Michiko INOUE, galerie 16