SAKAGUCHI Yumi Exhibition

Jun 29th tue. 〜 Jul 4th sun. 2021 



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♡ and ☆ are familiar shapes for me.

Then the process that gradually let me looking for the figures that is not internalized.

Releasing my consciousness from the color, that I used to like.

It is the colors of recent era from my point of view, or I am searching the color would sense of reality.


1988 Born in Wakayama
2013 BFA, Kyoto Seika University, Oil painting
2015 MFA, Kyoto Seika University
2018 Enrolled research student in Kyoto Seika University Graduated program for a year
2021 Residing in Wakayama

2021 “Paintings” galerie16(Kyoto)
2019 “Colder than the rain” galerie16(Kyoto)
2014 “inner impression” Kyoto Seika University 7-23Gallery(Kyoto)


2021  “ACT Art Awards(Second screening Exhibition)” Art Complex Center(Tokyo)
“Atelir Newvision 2021” SUBARU Hall(Osaka)
2020    “Hassai” Gallery Hachi(Wakayama)
“ESY Project Competition” Shibatacho gallery(Osaka)
“Atelir Newvision 2020” SUBARU Hall(Osaka)
“2nd Osaka Independants” gekilin.・Atelir Sangatsu・Salon Mosaic(Osaka)
2019   “Hassai” Gallery Hachi(Wakayama)
“How to light up the deep sea” 2kw Gallery(Shiga)
“9th Gift Exhibition” Gallery Keifu(Kyoto)
2018    “Hassai” Gallery Hachi(Wakayama)
2013    “ART COM 2013 Kyoto University of Arts×Kyoto Seika University” Keihanna memorial park Suikeien(Kyoto)