〈Discover Japan ? 〉Shoji Satoru Solo Exhibition

Apr 6th Tue. – Apr 17th Sat. 2021 
Monday Closed


SHOJI Satoru, developing his artworks from 1960 with an art installation of cloth. Like the series of works “Red Fabric in the Space”, and “CLOTH BEHIND” he is known as the artist who utilizes the characteristics of cloth such as the wide cloth hang up by numberless threads from the ceiling, and to pull until the cloth is about to tear.

When SHOJI exhibit in the 10th Tokyo Biennale: Between man and matter, he got huge attention by exhibiting a copy-printed newspaper and 52 pages of newspapers.

In this exhibition, we will exhibit “the work by copy” when he exhibited in his solo exhibition at galerie16, 1972. It was the work of pasting the commercial postcard, enlarged copy printed in black and white, on the panel and partially adding a trace of the object by the red line or adding outline or straight red line on the surface.
The familiar landscape on the commercial postcard could be seen differently with the red line, it coolly breaks or betrays our perception. Now after 49 years why don’t we realized it again.

This exhibition was open on April 14th, 2020, however, it closed on April 17th due to a state of emergency. After a year, we make re-exhibition by replacing a few artworks.