Yui Takehito Exhibition

Species and Pieces

Feb. 6th tue– Feb. 11th Sat, 2024
12:00~18:00 Monday closed



YUI Takehito Species and Pieces

It happened when I drew the New Year’s cards a few years ago.

I thought it was interesting that even though I painted the same object on the New Year’s card, no two objects looked the same. 

Every motif on the card I drew was the same but when it lined up in a row the motifs had slightly different appearances, blurred of paint and my hand movement. Well, when it was put on the mailbox it was just the original one piece of card.

Lining up the same object in the same line reminds me of Species that contain the same information.

This structure is familiar to me, like any life containing human being, it has an independent piece but also belonging to as a species of life.

At the same time, the painting has the same information with its shape, colour, or motif. When the painter attempts to clarify information on canvas, however, it does not have the same appearance as the way of using painting or technical methods is different.

I believe the painting does not just exist as pieces of complete image. It is more pieces that continuously pass the information with slightly different types of applications of succession. That I just thought while I was painting.

Thus, the piece may be trying to transcend the species by arising at random to some extent, involving nature and coincidence, rather than coming into being according to one clear concept of the species.