Muraoka Takumi Exhibition

Construction - think ∈ live

◉ stART2022◉

August 2nd Tue – August 7th Sun, 2022
12:00~18:00 (last day~17:00)



I arranged the complicated interactions and connections between living things one by one and reconstructed the relationships among living things through the production of works.
By introducing weaving, knitting, and dyeing, the originally planar technique was expressed as a space with various expressions.



▶︎MURAOKA Takumi
1999 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
2022 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University

2020 Weaving Seminar Group Exhibition “Textile Exhibition” at COCON KARASUMA, Karasuma-Shijo
2021 Weaving Seminar Group Exhibition “Cycle” at Demachiyanagi Satellite Space Demachi
2021 Weaving Seminar Group Exhibition “Seven Threads” at Kawaramachi Shijo SPACE 5 MARONIE
2022 Exhibited at the 5th Student Selection Exhibition, sponsored by the Japan Federation of New Craftsmen and Artists