TAKEHITO Yui solo exhibition

October 26th Tue 〜November 6th Sat, 2021 
12:00〜18:00 Monday Closed



Statement: TAKEHITO Yui Mirroring

When looking through an old antique magazine in between paintings, I found a picture of a stone Buddha in relief form. It looked like a natural stone that had been fade, but it still had a delicate trace of a human figure on it. I wondered where the boundary was between the image of this Buddha-figure block of stone and its return to the natural gravel itself. Such border is up to the viewer’s imagination, and it seems to me it is similar to that of a painting.

The boundary between become the word, or not become the word.

My intuition tells me that human beings started drawing pictures and using language at about the same time. I also think that this may be the same as the boundary where infants switch from action-first to image-first in the transition of their drawing style. I hope to draw pictures at that boundary.



1979 Born in Kyoto, Japan
2002 B.F.A, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Western painting course ( Kyoto University of Arts)
2003 Stars leaping out of chaos 2003 (Spiral,Tokyo)
2004 M.F.A., Kyoto University of Art and Design ( Kyoto University of Arts)
2005 Xhibitions #01 (miho katuragi gallery,  Kyoto)
2006 Almost painting (Gallery Yamaguchi, Osaka)
Xhibitions #03 (Gallery RAKU, Kyoto)
2008 Solo exhibition, The vessel that I drew one day is called the sun (3D Gallery Sagittarius, Kyoto)
2009 Cloud (Luce Verte, Ehime, Japan)
Solo exhibition, A Butterfly Perched on the Vessel I Drew One Day, ( 3D Gallery Sagittarius, Kyoto)
2010  Kyoto University of Art and Design Correspondence Course Faculty 25 Artists Exhibition  (Gallery Hillgate, Kyoto)
2011  ORA Exhibition vol.3 (Court Gallery, Tokyo)
2011  At the inn that Junichiro TANIZAKI loved – Thinking about each shade (Gion Morisho, Kyoto)
2012 GEISAI #17, (Tokyo, Japan)
Things Tale,( Imura art gallery, Kyoto, Japan)
2013 ACT Art Grand Prize Exhibition (ACT Gallery, Tokyo)
2013 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2013 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo)
2014 Kyoto Prefectural Art and Craft Exhibition (Kyoto Prefectural Museum of Culture, Kyoto)
Solo Exhibition How the sky should be one day (ACT Gallery, Tokyo)
2015 Solo Exhibition The World Scenery (Gallery Keifu, Kyoto)
2017 Miyamoto Saburo Dessin Memorial Grand Prize Exhibition 2017  (Fuchu Art Museum,Tokyo)
2019 Solo Exhibition Ecorarious (galerie 16, Kyoto)