INDEX : Kishida Nagako Image ≒ Picture / Reread

September 7, 2021 Tue - September 25, 2021 Sat 
12:00 - 18:00 Monday closed

▶︎KG+ satellite event


 KISHIDA Nagako held her first solo exhibition, “Catalogue” at galerie16 in 1977. At the exhibition, she took black-and-white photographs of everyday objects such as shoe, brush, spinach, scissors, biscuit etc., enlarged them one by one, and matière the surrounding area with the black acrylic paint, the powder smoke, and glue. Later, her work evolved into the ongoing “TARTANS” *4, which is based on the purpose of “Picture Book of Bird” *1, “A, B, C Star
Books” *2, and “Collect” *3.
 KISHIDA, who graduated from Kyoto University of Education in 1974 with a degree in European painting, has continued to work with an original approach of
” How far can we go from painting? ”
 In this exhibition, ten of these “Catalogue” (produced in 1977) will be shown again. In addition, 220 unpublished slides made at the time as a
memorandum will also be exhibited.
 Please reread the Nearly Equal ” ≒ ” of photography and painting from the current

*1:photographed and enlarged the illustrations from the Bird encyclopedia, painted on the panel.(1978)
*2:Selection of celebrities in Alphabetic order of its initials, bookbinding of bromides(1979)
*3:Collection of copies of product labels and boxes, bookbinding of copies(1980)
*4:Reproducing the patterns from the book of Tartan, Oil on Canvas(2010–2021)

■ About INDEX series
 In the series of Index, re-exhibiting the past works by KISHIDA Nagako. Comparing to exhibit with latest her series of work〈TARTANS〉, looking back her trajectory of creation leading up
to the present.