UCHINO Koharu Exhibition “Horizontal and Tactile”

Jun 15th Tue. - 26th Sat. 2021 
12:00〜18:00 Monday Closed


<Artist comment>

Setting the flowers on the front of entryway.

Walking with a dog that has the ear decorations.

A natural form that specializes in being seen by humans.

The discomfort and adorable when introducing the nature in the artificial people life, these contradict feelings could be live in same space by approaching its surface textures.

Forcing out its surface property by decoration as a camouflage, searching the senses by comings and goings the texture’s visual perspective between unique materiality of satin and paints.

I would like to create the sense that everything have a texture, blurring the relationship between front and back, stimulating the horizontal sense and pulled back into the surface.



<UCHINO Koharu Profile>
1995 Sep Born in Tokushima
2020   Mar BFA from Kyoto City University of Arts, Major in painting.
2020   Apr Currently enrolled Master program in Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Painting.

⚫  exhibitions
 Crazy on Painting(group exhibitionsmall gallery at KCUA/Kyoto
 Right hand’s dancesolo exhibitionsmall gallery at KCUA/Kyoto
 Tourlbion (pair exhibitionO gallery eyes/Osaka

⚫  public collection
 Bank of Kyoto 20th Art support Program works collection

⚫ awards
2020   Kyoto City University of Arts Annual exhibition, Alumni Award