Publication: Future Willing 2020 ‘Masako Yasuki Chaos from Order, Order from Chaos’

We are delighted to announce that the second printing of ‘Future Willing 2020: Masako Yasuki – Chaos from Order, Order from Chaos’ is available now. This introduction to Yasuki’s work focusses on two solo exhibitions held in Kyoto in autumn 2020.


Through a variety of commentaries by a range of experts in the art field, the book sets her paintings within the wider societal and historical context. The text is richly illustrated with photographs to provide a tangible sense of being physically present at the exhibitions, and comes in two versions, Japanese and English. These are packaged and published together as companion volumes for ¥2200 (+ postage). If you would like to order a copy, please do get in touch with us at

 Note: Gallery closed for summer vacation 1st to 23rd August.



Future Willing 2020
‘Masako Yasuki Chaos from Order, Order from Chaos’
Editor-in-chief, Kyoko Shioda
Published by galerie16 with the kind cooperation of Kyoto-ba (
Japanese & English (two companion volumes, 106 pages each) A5|color & monochrome. For inquiries and orders, please email galerie16.
Telephone: +81-75-751-9238
Address: 394 Sekisen-in-cho, Sanjo Shirakawabashi-agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan. 605-0021


Future Willing 2020  Kyoko Shioda (galerie 16)
Ryo Kawamura (journalist, Kyoto Shimbun newspaper)
 Grasping the Tail: Charting the Landscape of a Boundless World
Nagahiro Kinoshita (historian of thought)
 Glinting Awe – Short Essay on Masako Yasuki’s Pine Trees
Yasuo Nakano (director, Kyoto-ba)
 Photographs of Chaos from Order – fullness of time and Order from Chaos – future strata exhibitions
Delving into the Origin of Painting through the Work of Masako Yasuki
Motoaki Shinohara (director, Takamatsu Art Museum)
 Fleeting Majesty – One theory on Masako Yasuki
Reflections  Masako Yasuki
Masako Yasuki Bio
Afterword  Kyoko Shioda