‘Future Willing 2020 Masako Yasuki Chaos from Order, Order from Chaos’


'Future Willing 2020 YASUKI Masako Chaos from Order, Order from Chaos' was published this spring, and the first edition was sold out due to popular demand.
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We are pleased to announce the publication of 'Future Willing 2020: Masako Yasuki – Chaos from Order, Order from Chaos'. This introduction to Yasuki’s work focusses on two solo exhibitions held in Kyoto in autumn 2020.



Due to high demand, the book ‘Masako Yasuki Chaos from Order, Order from Chaos’ is currently sold out, we are afraid. But a second print run is starting soon, and gallerie16 is now taking reservations. If you would like to order a copy, please do get in touch at 

2nd June, 2021



Through a variety of commentaries by a range of experts in the art field, the book sets her paintings within the wider societal and historical context. The text is richly illustrated with photographs to provide a tangible sense of being physically present at the exhibitions, and comes in two versions, Japanese and English. These are packaged and published together as companion volumes.


Future Willing 2020
‘Masako Yasuki Chaos from Order, Order from Chaos’
Editor-in-chief, Kyoko Shioda
Published by galerie16 with the kind cooperation of Kyoto-ba (
Japanese & English (two companion volumes, 106 pages each) A5|color & monochromeFor inquiries and orders, please email galerie16.
Telephone: +81-75-751-9238
Address: 394 Sekisen-in-cho, Sanjo Shirakawabashi-agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan. 605-0021


Future Willing 2020  Kyoko Shioda (galerie 16)
Ryo Kawamura (journalist, Kyoto Shimbun newspaper)
 Grasping the Tail: Charting the Landscape of a Boundless World
Nagahiro Kinoshita (historian of thought)
 Glinting Awe – Short Essay on Masako Yasuki’s Pine Trees
Yasuo Nakano (director, Kyoto-ba)
 Photographs of Chaos from Order – fullness of time and Order from Chaos – future strata exhibitions
Delving into the Origin of Painting through the Work of Masako Yasuki
Motoaki Shinohara (director, Takamatsu Art Museum)
 Fleeting Majesty – One theory on Masako Yasuki
Reflections  Masako Yasuki
Masako Yasuki Bio
Afterword  Kyoko Shioda